iRay3D was created with one singular goal in mind:
"to create the most realistic renderings and animation possible from your 2D or 3D architectural data".


iRay3D offers a full range of services within 3D Rendering and Animation. We work with Architects, Interior Designers, Developers, Product Engineers, Inventors and Marketing Specialists. We can deliver a variety of media and platforms, from a static 3D rendering, all the way to a fully virtual realtime experience.

Some of the main services we offer are:

3D RENDERING: High quality, high resolution, photo-realistic renderings for Architectural Interiors, Architectural Exteriors and Products.

3D ANIMATION: Full 1080p 3D Animations of Architectural Interiors, Architectural Exteriors and Products

REALTIME 3D: Completely realtime walkthroughs for architectural applications, including exteriors and interiors

PROJECTION MAPPING: Projection Mapping for special events, bringing buildings to life is the new future of media

TIMELAPSE ANIMATION: Timelapse Animation of Architectural Construction Projects is an amazing way to show your development


Our company is geared toward the perfection of photographic excellent, the study of light, and the pursuit of realism, not just for arts sake but for accuracy and total client satisfaction.


In today's ever changing market there is an ever greater divide, between truly skilled, experienced visualization specialists, with deep understanding of technique, and artistic needs, and so many less qualified people that do not have the experience or time invested. We are built on 15 years of solid experience in the 3D pre-visualization world, and have always worked on the cutting edge of the software and hardware.

Power Tools

The main driving force in the constant need for better imagery, relies on three things; the people involved, the hardware, and the software. That is why this company has always used Autodesk 3D Studio Max to deliver the best possible results. Starting last year Autodesk, Nvidia and Mental Ray have joined forces to bring never before seen levels of speed and realism to the architectural rendering community. Using Mental Ray's "iray" technology combined with the incredible speed of the new Nvidia GPU's, iRay3D can deliver the very best quality without compromise. It does not just look good, it is completely "physically correct".

Test Us Out

Contact us with your 3D project and we will quote you a price, and schedule the work immediately. We gain new business through fast results with maximum quality. If you are unsure about who to trust, let us show you what is possible. iRay3D can deliver and we are here to prove it.

Work Ethics

In today's internet world, you can easily get burned by other rendering companies that offer super cheap pricing, because they never touch the project. They simply take your money and run it overseas, hoping for the best. IRAY3D is proud to be an American Company, with US based offices and US based talent. We do NOT outsource your work. This is better for security, project turn around times, and quality of both the work and the service.


We do not directly quote work over the internet, or promise "one low fee" for everything we do. Every project is slightly different, and requires a careful mix of time, skill and data. What we can say is that we are happy to quote your project immediately if you give us a call and send us your CAD data. Renderings start as low as $199.00 per view and go up depending on the complexity of the work. We keep our prices as low as possible, based on the work we do. We work with a 50% cost to start, and 50% on completion.


We understand you are in a hurry, and we try our best to meet your timing needs. Turn around times are between a few days and a few weeks depending on the amount of work, naturally.