What our clients are saying...

Sam Almada

"iRay3D is great to work with. Their expertise and creative skills produce beautiful 3D renderings within a short time. The outcome was even better then how I envisioned my product. Looking forward to my next 3D project.." Sam Almada Master Jeweler, Web Developer & Inventor


"iRay3D is great to work with and brings a wide variety of skills to the table." Jack Miller See2Pee

Throne Seating

"iRay3D always comes through for us, their work is excellent and they always hits our deadlines. They has be come a very valuable asset. We tried a few other sources before finding iRay3D, nobody could even come close to the quality that he produces." Chuck Courter Throne Seating


"iRay3D has done excellent work for us. We have used their services for 3D animation on several occasions and every time, the outcome has been very good. They are very talented with their work and they are part of a formula for our near future growth." Javid Vahid VP of Engineering at Edlore

Fairchild Partners

"iRay3D was able to take a vague idea we had for an upcoming project and make it a reality through their expertise and creative skills. We have since gone to them on several occasions and they have always produced a great final product." Sebastian Juncadella Associate at Fairchild Partners, Inc.

Andrea Sherman Design

"The 3D rendering created by iRay3D was phenomenal. It was exactly how it was envisioned and so beautifully done. It is showcased on my website. iRay3D was great to work with... very patient and of course very talented. " Andrea Sherman Owner, Andrea Sherman Design


"Recently I had the opportunity to work with iRay3D. I entered into the project with NO knowledge of what to expect or how to get it done, it was simply an idea that I had. They helped to bring that idea to fruition and kept me a part of the process the entire way. Their work was fast, detailed and beyond anything I could have imagined for both quality and substance. I will be using their services for future projects and gladly give my full endorsement of both them and the company in general. I highly recommend iRay3D to all interested parties." Keith Beres Kaonetics

STH Architectural Group

"I recommend iRay3D because they can create incredible 3D visualizations that not only contribute to winning projects but help our clients envision our designs." Rick Kremer STH Architectural Group

Vineyard Stables

"Thank you so much for the rendering you completed of my new project. Since it won't be completed until December, the rendering is just perfect for my website and advertising. Everyone who has seen it just raw about what an awesome job you did. If they only knew what little direction I gave you. I'm so glad that I was given your website so I could see your work. I will send you a photo when the project is complete so that you can see how it looks." Kim Backer Vineyard Stables

Coffee Prophets

"Todays market place regardless of your industry requires the right tools, iRay3D is the supplier of those tools. iRay3D has helped my company triple in size to over 2 millions dollars in gross sales in 2007 alone in under two years. I have used almost every aspect of his services to include Logo Design, Website Design, 3d Rendering Services, Architectural Design Services, Branding and Marketing Tools, Conceptual Design Services for US and World Patents our success with them keeps my clients coming back more often and with larger orders. Everyone lives by their motto "Pixel Based Perfection" I strongly recommend iRay3D and their talented team of artists, designers, web developers and engineers if you need to get the job done right the first time and on time every time." Darren LaVersa Coffee Prophets

Right Brain Studios

"Working with iRay3D has been a great experience. They has saved more than one project that had gone awry from other inexperienced designers. He will not have to save any projects in the future as they will be working on them from the beginning." Tim Pederson Right Brain Studios

Charis Church Builders, Inc

"The people at iRay3D are extremely talented and reliable! After years of utilizing their services, they have always been on time, and on budget. I am truly amazed at the way they can take a vague conceptual design and deliver a 3-D digital rendering that so impresses our customers, and, if the customer is not satisfied for whatever reason, they continue to work without complaint until their wishes are fulfilled. I highly recommend their services!" Charles Fifield, President Charis Church Builders, Inc